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red ceramic bowl on gray

P u r e 

nova scotian

sea salt

Gourmet salts,

handcrafted in small batches 

Our sea salts

Locally sourced

from nova scotia

Harvested from the vast

lake, river & seashores 

of Nova Scotia, to showcase

the flavour of each region 

light and dark grey wood grains
a jar of salt snob sea salt laying sideways on a peice of wood surrounded by sea salt with a dark background

perfect addition

to every dish

From garden-fresh veggies to savory seafood, we have the perfect

salt to spice it up!

Naturally Simple

Salt Snob Sea Salts are made in small batches with quality in mind. Made from pure Nova Scotian harvested salt with no additives or artificial flavours, simply as fresh as the sea!


“By bread and salt

we are united” 

- Moroccan Proverb


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