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A story as old as the sea

Image by Tim Foster, Cape Split, Ocean, Sea Salt, Nova Scotia, Rocky Shore, Bay of Fundy, Atlantic, Ocean, fresh, harvest

Our Brand

Here at Salt Snob, we recognize the difference a few grains of flavour can make. Crafted in small batches to ensure exceptional quality, our hand-harvested lake, river, and sea salts are made with you in mind. 


Salt Snob Sea Salts showcase the true flavour of Nova Scotia with each grain. Our diverse selections will each offer a unique complement to your dish. 


With each harvest, we strive to present the unique mineral deposits found throughout Nova Scotia. Now is the time to taste the difference that quality creates.


Once you try it, you'll be a salt snob too.

how it started

Becoming a Salt Snob was not an overnight feat. It all began with a simple curiosity...

From being raised along the Nova Scotian seaside, you become familiar with the traditional sea harvests including lobster, fish, dulse and so much more... but what about the sea salts?

After living only a few dozen feet from the sea for many years, the idea finally struck. The first harvest was minimal, using only a bottle for collection, and a wood stove for processing. Once completed, it was quickly realized that the salt was rich and flavourful, but not in a good way. 

While not convinced that the salt was the best the Bay of Fundy had to offer, another location was sought out and harvested, resulting in the first product to be; Lighthouse Road Sea Salt. 


After harvesting from a third area, I knew I had become a salt snob. The idea grew and diversified, resulting in the unique selection of pure Nova Scotia sea salts. Each batch is hand-harvested and handled with care in order to provide you with pure, exceptional quality. 


With each unique flavour harvested, comes a new reason to be a Salt Snob.

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