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Cleaning the Oceans with Sea Salt

Updated: 3 days ago

Wish you could do more for the environment? It's as simple as using sea salt!

a sea turtle swimming towards a plastic bag that it believes is a jelly fish/food

We all know the oceans are riddled with microplastics and debris that's not only harmful to our health, but to our entire global ecosystems, however, consuming sea salt can actually reduce this!

Microplastics are one of the most harmful things floating in our waters. They are tiny bits of broken-down plastics floating around, often consumed by aquatic life, which are later consumed by us. When consumed by animals like fish, turtles, or birds, these plastics become stuck in their digestive system, leaving them starved of nutrients, and often leading to their death.

Here at Salt Snob, we often consider how much plastic is actually floating through the ocean. With this in mind, we filter our water down to just a few microns before extracting the salt. Through each filtration process, we are removing microplastics from the water to do our part to create a better tomorrow.

In addition to removing microplastics through filtration, Salt Snob is committed to keeping shorelines cleaned. We take every opportunity to make the oceans and shorelines more enjoyable for both people and animals, so with each harvest, we pick up the salty ol' trash too! From picking up larger items and properly disposing of them, we hope to prevent further breakdown and the spread of microplastics.

With each purchase comes peace of mind, knowing that your salt has been harvested consciously and sustainably, for a cleaner future.

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