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Sea Salt vs Table Salt

Updated: 3 days ago

Time to toss the table salt because a new wave has come!

a large flake of salt being held up in the air with the sun shining through it to showcase the individual crystals

Unrefined sea salt is one of the greatest and most unspoken of culinary specialties Nova Scotia has to offer. With such diverse minerals found throughout the province, each harvest is unique.

The rich diversity of minerals found in sea salt has a stand out flavour that can't be found in iodized table salt.

Table salts are heavily processed, meaning they lack many health benefits due to being made up of almost entirely sodium chloride, as well as added iodine and anti-caking agents. Fully washed of their mineral content, these salts can cause imbalances in health including hypertension, heart disease, dehydration, and more.

But, what is comes down to for most, is flavour. When compared with natural salts, table salt is often described as having a bitter metallic flavour.

In contrast, unrefined sea salt is rich with approximately 60 minerals, including potassium, zinc, iron, and often magnesium, and naturally occurring iodine, dependant on how it is harvested. With these minerals left in the salt, unrefined, the naturally occurring sodium chloride levels are diluted by minerals, offering unique, fresh flavours that traditional table salt just cant match.

In addition to subtler, fresher flavours, unrefined sea salt also offers many health benefits from making up our bodies electrolytes, maintaining nerve, muscle, immune system functions and so much more. With so much to offer, sea salt is an essential for every diet, from strict ketogenic diets to careless indulgences.

Once you taste the difference that quality unrefined salt has to offer, you might just become a Salt Snob too...

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