Bear River | River Salt

Bear River | River Salt


25G / 2oz


Bear River Sea Salt is the first river salt to be harvested within Canada. The unique, mineral-rich salt is harvested from the tidal baring river nestled between sloping hills of a glacial valley within the Annapolis Basin.


Rich in history and flavour, Bear River Sea Salt holds one of a kind characteristics that showcase the minerals found in the area, most prominently the iron-rich soil that lines the riverbed, visible at low tide. The distinctive characteristics of this river salt make it ideal to use as a cooking or finishing salt on any dish.


First inhabited by the Mi’kmaq, the river was originally called L’sitkuk, which changed in the 1700's to Bear River when the Europeans made settlements and formed treaties still held today with the Mi'kmaq people. The river was quickly industrialized by the logging and shipping industries for many years and the town thrived. With the turn of the 21st century, the industries dwindled away, leaving behind a tidal paradise on the river, and a community of about 800 people.