Brickyard | River Salt

Brickyard | River Salt


25G / 2oz


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Course, salty, and oddly sweet, Brickyard Fleur De Sel showcases the unique flavour created by millions of years of slow-moving glacial erosion settling along the riverbed. The second of only two river salts harvested within Canada. Mira River Salt offers modest flavours,  serving as an exemplary finishing salt for dessert dishes. 


Beneath the surface of the Mira River is bedrock formed more than 500 million years ago, snuggled below layers of glacial tills left behind from the ice age 15,000 years ago, allowing for a diverse combination of minerals within the river salt. 


Nestled in the midst of the former lands of gold, war, and pirates, the Mira River has served many purposes throughout time. Often mistaken for a lake by newcomers in the 1600's, the long, wide river has been known through time as a safe haven for ships, one of which was Black Bart's, a fierce pirate known for looting 22 ships in just one day. 


Later, in 1727, the shore of the river was used as a brickyard where bricks were created from the clay-rich soils, which were sent by ship to Louisbourg for the construction of the French Fortress. Today, if you look close you will still find some of these bricks littered along the shores of the brickyard and riverbed leading to the sea. 


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  • Characteristics

    Grade: Coarse

    Flavour: Sweet

    Salty Scale: 2/5 

    Best Use: Finishing Salt