Lighthouse Road | Sea Salt

Lighthouse Road | Sea Salt


25G / 2oz


Lighthouse Road Sea Salt is a white mineral salt that glistens like a light beam in the fog. Offering a compliment to every dish it is added to, this salt can be used in place of table salt, perfect to use as a cooking salt or finishing salt to anchor in your flavours.


The first lighthouse in Canada was built in Louisbourg, Nova Scotia from 1730-33; its purpose was to protect ships by lighting the way through dark or foggy waters of the harbour to the great French Fortress perched atop the rocky southeastern edge of Cape Breton Island. Many more were constructed in the centuries following, creating employment and security to the coasts before becoming obsolete in rapidly changing times after WWII. 


With nearly every region within Nova Scotia having an "old lighthouse road" nestled along their shores, this salt strives to showcase a slipping piece of Nova Scotian heritage. Harvested from the Acadian Shores of Nova Scotia, Lighthouse Road Sea Salt pays tribute to all of our coastal communities and the lightkeepers of days gone by.