Ouija Salt | Protection Salt

Ouija Salt | Protection Salt

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25G / 2oz
In the season of Allhallowtide, it is important to have protection from ne'er-do-well spirits.
This limited edition protection salt will help keep your body, mind, and soul safe from the wrong-doings of demons, spirits, ghosts, and witches (unless the witch is you). 
The term Ouija was coined by a medium named Helen Peters, in 1890. Spirit boards have been used for centuries, but she asked hers what it wanted to be called and it responded "Ouija". She went on to ask her board what it meant, and it responded with "Good Luck", which is what Salt Snob Ouija Salt should bring to you. 
To use as a protection from the divine, simply sprinkle a line of salt in doorways or paths in need of protection during your rituals, but be sure to cover all entrances to the space! The salt can also be used for much more, including (and not limited to) being thrown at approaching entities, bath scrubs, art, or spells.
Limited Edition. 
Not made for consumption.
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  • Characteristics

    Grade: Very fine, coarse

    Flavour: Road Salt

    Salty Scale: 10/5 

    Best Use: Casting out supernatural beings